Fixed Wire Plans

Corporate Tier 1
Monthly Access $ 34.95
Local Calls 16.5c per call
National Calls 9c per min
National Extra $1.65 for 30 minutes
Fixed to Mobiles 16.5c per min
Fixed to Mobiles Extra N/A
International Extra 108.9c for 10 min to top 30 destinations
National Included Pack N/A
Local Included Pack N/A
FTM Included Pack N/A
Flagfall 33c
Local PSTN Data Calls Local PSTN data calls 27.5c per call
Contract Term 12/24 months
Minimum Contract Fee $419.40 / $838.80

  • Moving into a new office?
  • Adding a new phone line?
  • Need a Fax line for the business?
  • Need an inbound number?