Paperless Billing


How it Helps?

At Telcomo Pty Ltd, we care for the environment. Use of more papers leads to further loss of trees. The more trees we cut down, the more harm we do. Hence, we have introduced paper less billing that ensures that a paper free process.

Taking control of your bills

With paperless billing, you will receive the bills irrespective of your location. The bill will be more detailed and you can refer it anytime you want. Moreover, unlike paper bills, it will not pile up at one corner of your home. You can simply save all the bills onto your hard disk. However, if you still want to have a hard copy, all you need to do is click on the print button.


Convenience and Confidentiality

It’s convenient for both of us. Also paperless bills are more confidential and secure. Nobody gets to peep into your bills.

How to get started?

Just let us know about it by an email and start receiving bills in your inbox right away.

Three Advantages of Paperless Billing

E-mail billing evolves round on three issues.

Cost Control- EBPP helps the biller to get control over the bill-delivery process. Vis-a-vis, payer can take control over how and when the bill is paid. Consumer is benefited for having freedom of reviewing the bill just selecting a payment option.

More Convenient- More than 225 million people worldwide are taking the advantage of EBPP via e-mails. E-mail is familiar and fit for easy-to-use it. Any beginner and normal net user can follow the process easily. As it does not demand for purchasing and downloading of any special software or device, 60% users round the world prefer Paperless Billing via e-mail.

Secured- consumers' information remains confidential. EBPP is completely secured and risk-free form being spied.

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  • Adding a new phone line?
  • Need a Fax line for the business?
  • Need an inbound number?