With the companyís trust on the effectiveness of inbound numbers, Telcomo Pty Ltd provides these services, as it firmly believes on inbound numbers playing an important part in the growth of business and betterment of performance. Effective solutions are given to the customers through this service, thereby satisfying their needs.

1300 / 1800 and 13 numbers
1300 numbers 1800 numbers, 13 numbers and smart numbers are given by us in this service. It is the companyís feasible monthly plans and calls rates which has made it a success with any type of business in Australia, allowing the customers to take the advantage of these services.

Fax2Email / Voice2Email
The function of this service is to save the fax/voice messages received by attaching it to an email and thereby sending it to the customerís selected email address in his computer.

Voice Services
1300, 1800 and 13 numbers are incorporated with the professional voice over thus giving the facility of Voice to Email and Messages on Hold.

The BEST Customer Service
The customer service is available for 24 hours with professional executives ready to solve the queries and the complaints of the customers. With this service, the customers can reach Telcomo any time.