Frequently Asked Questions

What happens now that I have signed with up with Telcomo?

Upon signing up with Telcomo you will have received a Welcome Pack, which contains helpful information as well as all of our customer care phone numbers. Your current provider will send you a final invoice (due to current providers terms you may be eligible for a credit for payments made in advance). Telcomo invoices your company either on the15th of the month which will include the pro-rata period which is explained in detail in the Welcome Pack.

What is CSG?

CSG stands for Customer Service Guarantee. The CSG is a performance standard created by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). This standard can provide financial compensation to customers who are affected by delays in service connections and fault repairs. It also covers missed appointments. However, some exemptions do apply.

Will there be any interruption to my service/s?

There will be no interruption to your service; you wont even notice the change over to Telcomo

What network does Telcomo use?

Telcomo uses the Telstra Network for all our PSTN & ISDN (landline) services throughout Australia. It is one of the most reliable networks in Australia.

If I have an issue with my service does that mean Telstra is responsible?

As a Telcomo customer Telstra is not responsible for the service we provide to you. Telcomo manages all your invoices, services and accounts. Any issues you have are Telcomo concern and as such should be directed to Telcomo Customer Care.

Will Telstra bill me if I'm still technically on their network?

No, as you are a Telcomo customer, your monthly bill will be a Telcomo Invoice. We are a wholesaler of Telstra so in other words we resell Telstra services. This means we only use Telstra's Network to be able to deliver our cost effective plans to you.

When will I receive my first bill with Telcomo?

You will receive your first bill with Telcomo in the first week of the following month after signing up with Telcomo.

Who can I call if I have a query about the services or billing on my account?

Our Customer Care team is made up of Customer Care Managers. Each member in our Customer Care team is trained to be able to assist you on any query whether it is a billing or service query. Our team is available by calling 1300 368 168 Mon- Fri from 8am to 8pm AEST or alternatively can be contacted via email on

FAQs ABOUT our plans with 'Cap' facility

Do Telcomo have 'cap' plans?

Yes Telcomo also provides plans which have a built in 'Cap' Rate depending on which Cap you choose based on the type / volume of calls you make.

Are the 'Caps' real or will I end up paying more than the 'Cap'?

The 'Cap' are real! Take for example the Business (BIS) Complete Plan. On the BIS Complete plan you can make as many local and National calls as you like, 100 or 500 it doesn't matter how many you make- all you will be charged is $71.45/month. It is however important to know that Fair Use policy applies to all our 'Capped Rate' plans.

What if I want to change the plan I am on?

If you wish to change your plan for any reason please contact our customer care team on 1300 368 168 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm AEST and our friendly staff will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.


What happens if I have a line issue/ fault on my line?

In case you would like to register / report a fault, please Call our Customer Care team on 1300 368 168 and one of the trained staff will manage and report your fault immediately. Should a technician need to visit the premises, they will schedule a technician for you as well. Our customer care team is available Mon to Fri 8am - 8pm AEST.

Transferring personal information overseas

If Personal Information must be sent by Telcomo overseas for sound business reasons; Telcomo will require the overseas organisation receiving the information to provide a binding undertaking that it will handle that information in accordance with the Australian National Privacy Principles, preferably as part of the services contract.

  • Moving into a new office?
  • Adding a new phone line?
  • Need a Fax line for the business?
  • Need an inbound number?