Customer Care

Understanding your Bill

Telcomo bills are designed to show you full transparency. Its important for you to understand exactly what you're paying for. Our bills allow you to monitor your usage and learn exactly how you communicate.

Bill Delivery Options Telcomo give you the choice of bill options. Make life easy and by receiving you bills via email. You can go paperless and receive your bill electronically by email. This gives you convenient access to your bill right from your computer. Telcomo supports a sustainably friendly environment and as such always encourage our customers to do the same by choosing ebills. 
If you prefer you can nominate to receive your bill in print through the post.

Payment Options

Telcomo provide you with many different ways to pay your bill:

  • Pay Online
  • Secure Credit card payments
  • BPAY- all BPAY details can be located on the second page of your bill
  • EFT Payment Advice

We realise that not everyone likes to pay bills online so you can also Pay over the Phone calling our customer services on 1300-368-168 or call Australia Post - post bill pay on 13 18 16.

Pay via post Send a cheque along with the remittance advice found on the bottom of your bill to:

Telcomo Pty Limited
PO BOX 7738
VIC 8004

Managing your billing services

  • Telcomo allows their customers to choose one of two billing periods within the month as to when they would prefer to receive their bill.
  • This can either be at the beginning of a calendar month or mid month.
  • All bills are payable to Telcomo PTY LTD within 14 days from your invoice due date.
  • If your billing address has changed please contact our customer care team on 1300-368-168.


Please Note: When moving from one carrier to another there will always be a cross over period in the first billing month. It's important to understand that it is standard practice within the telecommunication industry that customers are billed one month in advance.

Therefore you may notice your first invoice from us to be higher than your agreed plan. However, please note it all balances out. The Pro Rata charge is worked out as a percentage based on how many days are left in the month from when you joined. In the example here the customer joined Telcomo on 9th of March, leaving 6 days for the full Invoice date which is 15 March. Therefore these smaller amounts shown here is the Telcomo Plan chosen divided across the number of days left on that billing month only. Then the amount shown here, is the full month of bill amount for the Telcomo plan chosen, which is the pro-rate period which is paid one month in advance. Since most telecommunication service providers charge on a Pro Rata basis, make sure to check your final invoice from your previous provider as you may be entitled to a credit.

  • Moving into a new office?
  • Adding a new phone line?
  • Need a Fax line for the business?
  • Need an inbound number?